The Japanese Restaurant and Souvenir Shop


Please visit to KENROKUTEI when you're in Kenrokuen.

Kenrokuen is one of the most popular sight-seeing spots in Kanazawa. KENROKUTEI is the Japanese restaurant and the souvenir shop in Kenrokuen. After walking around the garden, please pay a visit to us. And please take a rest for a while with drinking, having lunch or looking around souvenirs. Let us help making your memories in Kenrokuen.

Lunch in the zashiki (Japanese tatami room)

zashiki, tatami roomWhy don't you try having lunch in a Japanese tatami room 'Zashiki'! Though you need to take your shoes off to enter the tatami room, you can feel more 'Japanese' style.
If you don't like sit on the tatami mat, we can serve a small chair for you.
From spring to autumn, there are table seats (for about 12 people) in front of the shop.
Please enjoy Japanese foods and Japanese sweets.

Souvenir Shop

Souvenir ShopTraditional crafts of Ishikawa prefecture ( Kutani pottery, gold leaf craft, Kaga yuzen craft ) are available in our shop. Japanese confectioneries too.
Models of samurai lords. Wooden Kokeshi dolls. 'Sensu' Japanese fans. They are popular souvenirs for foreign travellers.
Please enjoy finding the souvenirs for you, or gifts for your loved ones !

Opening hour

table seats except in WinterOpen: 8:30am Close:5:00pm (26 Feb. - 25 Nov.)
Open: 8:30am Close:4:00pm (26 Nov. - 25 Feb.)
Orders are taken after 9:00am.
Last orders are taken until 30 minutes before closing.
No regular day off but several temporary holidays.

*Due to the influence of Covid-19, we often close the shop, and open hour is not regular.

Free Wi-Fi

There is a Free Wi-Fi spot in store.
Please refer to the Website below.

How to connect (external link)


KENROKUTEI is in front of the water fountain in Kenrokuen. The nearest toll gates are Renchimon-gate and Katsurazaka-gate.

  • [Bus] Kanazawa station - kenrokuen shita or Hirosaka
  • [Taxi] About 10 minutes from Kanazawa station
  • [Car] Hokuriku Expressway From Kanazawa West IC (about 25 min.), Morimoto IC (about 15 min.)
    We have no parking-lot. Please use Ishikawa Prefectural Kenroku Parking Lot.

Jibusoba (special menu) ¥900 (tax 10% included)

Jibusoba (special menu)Jibusoba is the original menu derived from a traditional dish 'Jibuni' in Kanazawa. The soba in hot broth with Jibuni on the top. The ingredients of Jibuni are chickens, field peas, a piece of bamboo shoots, mushroom, wheat gluten bread, and wasabi(horseradish).

We have other soba menu like Tsuke-jibu soba(¥900), Tempura-soba(¥750), Tsukimi-soba(¥700) and Kake-soba(¥650). And some combo(¥1,350).

You can exchange soba(backwheat noodles) for udon(whitewheat thick noodles).

Other Lunch Menu (tax 10% included)

  • Zaru-soba ¥750(summer only)
  • Cold-Jibu-soba ¥900(summer only)
  • Tempura-soba ¥750
  • Tsukimi-soba ¥700
  • Kake-soba ¥650
  • Soba for kids ¥300
  • Jibuni ¥750
  • A bowl of rice ¥200
  • Oden ¥700(from autumn to spring only)
  • Kushi-dengaku ¥500(from autumn to spring only)
  • Eda-mame ¥350

You can exchange soba(backwheat noodles) for udon(whitewheat thick noodles).

Other menu & drinks (tax 10% included)

  • Matcha Green Tea ¥600
  • Zenzai ¥650(from autumn to spring only)
  • Tokoroten ¥500(summer only)
  • Bottled beer ¥750
  • Draft beer ¥700(summer only)
  • Canned beer ¥450
  • Non-alcoholic beer ¥300
  • Hot Japanese sake ¥500
  • Cold Japanese sake ¥500(from autumn to spring only)
  • Shochu(Distilled spirits) ¥650
  • Amazake ¥450
  • Hot coffee¥450
  • Iced coffee ¥500(summer only)
  • Orange juice ¥250
  • Ramune ¥250

Lunch menu for group

Kagaden-Teishoku 'Shichifuku' ¥2,750 (tax 10% included)

Kagaden-Teishoku 'Shichifuku'The most expensive menu of Kagaden-teishoku is the set-menu including a main dish, a bowl of rice, Jibusoba, a side dish, sashimi(nodoguro), and Japanese sweets.


'Shichifuku' means 'seven lucky gods'. We hope you will find seven luckies while walking around Kenrokuen and having lunch in our restaurant.

Kagaden-Teishoku 'Rokushou' ¥2,200 (tax 10% included)

Kagaden-Teishoku 'Rokushou''Rokushou' is the menu you can enjoy the ingredients one-by-one like Rokushou of kenrokuen. A main dish, a bowl of rice, Jibuni, Japanese-style soup, and sashimi(nodoguro).


'Rokushou' is the word which is the reason why this garden is called 'kenrokuen'. 'Rokushou' means 'six superior qualities' of this garden: spaciousness, seclusion, artifice, antiquity, abundant water, and extensive views.

Kagaden-Teishoku 'Gosai' ¥1,980 (tax 10% included)

Kagaden-Teishoku 'Gosai'This menu 'Gosai' is calm and gorgeous like the colors of 'Gosai'. A main dish, a bowl of rice, Jibuni, Japanese-style soup, and sashimi.


Kaga-Yuzen is a dyeing technique for fabric of kimono in this region. And the way of using colors is called 'Gosai' which means 'five colors'.dark red indigo blue ocher dark green dark purple

Kagaden-Teishoku 'Shiki' ¥1,650 (tax 10% included)

Kagaden-Teishoku 'Shiki''Shiki' means 'four seasons'. It is named by the reason we want all guests to enjoy the menu in four seasons. A main dish, a bowl of rice, Jibusoba, a side dish.


You can enjoy every season in kenrokuen. In spring, you can see ume blossoms and cherry blossoms. In summer, you are welcomed with new green leaves and colorful flowers of azaleas. In autumn, leaves that change color to red or yellow stop you walking for a while. In winter, there is a beautiful mono-tone world the snow makes in one night.

Hyakumangoku-gozen ¥3,300 (tax 10% included)

Hyakumangoku-gozen'Hyakumangoku-gozen' is more luxurious than 'Kagaden-Teishoku'. You will be surprised by the original plate that's diameter is 30 cm(1.18 inch). When you take the lid up, you will find many side-dishes inside.


'Hyakumangoku' is the word that the financial and cultural situation of Kaga area in Edo period (17th - 19th century) is very well. 'Hyakuman' means one million. 'Gozen' means gorgeous dishes.

Shojin ryouri ¥1,650 (tax 10% included)

Shojin ryouriWe specially make 'shojin ryouri'(buddhist vegetarian meal) for guests with regional reason. This menu does not include Japanese leek, Chinese chive, meat and fish.

Please reserve this menu at least three days bofore .

Usual 'Kagaden-Teishoku' and 'Hyakumangoku-gozen' are include no beef. If you cannot eat beef only, usual menus are OK for you.

About Kenrokuen

What's Kenrokuen

Kenrokuen in springkenrokuen is the garden out of Kanazawa castle, and is founded by several feudal lords of Kaga during Edo piriod (17th century - mid. 19th). It is one of three popular Japanese gardens, and the most popular sight-seeing spot in Ishikawa Pref.

The name 'Kenrokuen' is derived from the words in the old chinese book about gardens. It means 'the garden with six superior qualities'.

Highlight of the Garden

Kenrokuen in summerKenrokuen has each beauty in every season. So Kenrokuen has no 'the best season'. Ume blossoms or cherry blossoms in spring. Verdure in summer. Yellow and red leaves in autumn. A snow-covered world in winter.

Ponds, waterfalls, streams and a water fountain. You can see beautiful landscapes of water.

Some famous pine trees. Karasakinomatsu, which is the most popular tree in Kenrokuen. Neagarinomatsu, whose roots are exposed above the ground.

Opening Hours

Kenrokuen in autumnKenrokuen has no day off. Please be careful for opening hours. There is difference according to the season.

7:00 - 18:00 (1 May - 15 Oct.)

8:00 - 17:00 (16 Oct. - the end of Feb.)

Admission Fees

Category Individual Groups Age Conditions
Adults ¥320 ¥250 Adults = 18+ years old
Children ¥100 ¥80 Children = 6~17 years old

Kenrokuen in winterGroups = 30 or more persons aged 6 and up
Senior citizens over 65 years old with the presentation of the passport are free to enter.
For further information ⇒ Kanazawa Castle and Kenrokuen Garden(external link)